The Queen Has Been a Busy Bee!

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What a FUN packed week! This girl has been buzzing all over Nashville speaking about decluttering and organizing your LIFE! I have been so excited and super pumped about speaking at the Southern Women’s Show. That day finally came this past Thursday! Can you believe AARP asked me to talk in front of people? Well, here’s the thing…I love to talk..I love to organize…I love to change lives and I absolutely love to “love on” people! So it was the perfect fit…a show full of women, a microphone, and a stage to sing and shout about kicking the clutter chaos! Okay, so I didn’t sing! ha. God blessed me with the gift of organizing but the make a joyful noise part is a bit different.


So the day started off over at Channel 5 with my favorite anchor, Merryl Rose. I was asked to give some organizing tips on “Talk of the Town”. Can I just tell you how much fun that was!? I was up early with coffee in hand..props in the car and off to get this exciting day started! Got all set up and shared some really useful tips with the Talk of the Town viewers. Check out the video if you missed it, I hope you can use some of the tips in your own life. Then, I went over to the new AWESOME Music City Center in Downtown Nashville, TN and set up to get “my talk” on! What a fabulous crowd that turned out! Lots of women ready to kick clutter to the curb!!!


“Talk of the Town” Video Segment


I feel so blessed and thrilled to share my own personal story that landed me in the center of closet clutter, junk drawers, overwhelmed office spaces, paper piles and packed kitchen pantries just to name a few! If you know of anyone (or if it’s you, shhhh, I will not tell…what happens in the closet stays in the closet) remeber there is light at the end of that overwhelming, stress filled, chaos crazy tunnel. Grab your shades because the light is bright on the other side! And yes, the grass is greener also! hee hee.

photo 2

I want to thank my sweet friend Bethany Gant for helping me get my website and Facebook all set and ready to rock! I can organize the fire out of a desk around a computer…but when it comes to click, paste, post, copy, draft, edit and send..well, thank God for a precious friend. I’m getting it slowly but surely.

photo 5

Everyone TOSS & PURGE a few items this week…your cluttered space will thank you!

XOXO~ Amelia…tcq






Tip Tuesday…Bangle It Up!

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Here’s a fast fix for all those Bangle bracelets that end up all over the place!

Pick up a 3 or 4 drawer plastic container.

Separate your bracelets accordingly.

Place them in the drawers and label.

I labeled mine black/silver…brown/gold…color.

You may want to label by style. Whatever works for YOU!

If you don’t have a label maker…just grab a sharpie!

Have a GREAT week! ~Amelia

                                                                                                                           photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3-2

Tip Tuesday – Homework Box

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Mom, I can’t find a pencil!!

Dad, I need a glue stick!

Where are my flashcards?

Who had the scissors?



Do you ever hear any of these questions when its time for homework? After hearing those same statements over and over again…this is what I came up with.  A HOMEWORK BOX!  Even if your child has a desk in their room…its nice to keep all the supplies they need together. My daughter does her homework at the kitchen table…so I made her a “Homework Box” she works out of each afternoon. When she’s done…she packs her box back up and places it in her room. You can use a shoe box, a rubbermaid container…anything that holds what your child needs. This box will become your best friend also!








Chapter book

a Ruler


photo 1photo 2photo 3



Anything your little sweet pea needs to make homework as peaceful as possible. This will save time, arguments and frustration…you may not have any of that in your home, it might just be mine. *wink*

Have some fun with this..let your child decorate their box..pack it and make it their own. It’s also fun to stick a little happy in their box from time to time…some candy, a fudge round..yum :) a new pack of pencils..or even a “love” note! We all need encouragement…so do our “little” people.

Find the perfect spot to keep your box and you’re set!

Homework Box…Happy Kids…Happy Parents!

Let the calm begin…


Tip Tuesday – Junk Mail

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Hello Friends!

Lets talk Junk Mail…

the mail that piles up, we look at a few times…move it around..certain to use that coupon or discount!

Then, before you know it..its just another mess and expired dates.

Here’s a tip for one less pile in your home…

After you grab your mail, sort it walking back in the house.

Decide if it’s…Action, Recycle or Shred.

Action~ this is the mail that needs special attention. (bills, file, etc) Place it in the same designated spot each day. (basket, a tray, on your desk)

Recycle or Trash~that junk mail that has zero value to you with zero personal information on it.

Shred~any piece of mail that has identifying information on it needs to be shred, cut up or set on fire, ha. (a fireplace comes in handy)

Take five~if you spend the extra few minutes, with these simple steps, it will save time in the long run AND the UNWANTED paper piles!

Take junk mail off your plate…you have much better things to do! Make each minute count.

~Happy Tuesday Folks~


Tip Tuesday…Love is in the Air

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Happy Tuesday!

Love is in the air sweet people!

Friday is Valentine’s’s some fun tips to make the gift giving not a pile of clutter.

Instead of buying the kids all the heart pencils, stickers and beads…try something new.

For the girls, moms, teachers and BFF’s in your life

Get a fun basket or organizing container (one for everyday use, not covered in hearts)

Now just fill it up with some fun…

Red/Pink Nail Polish

Rocking Red lipgloss

Bath Salts

 a gift card to their favorite store

gel pens/stationary

a cute picture frame

a book/magazine

some yummy hot chocolate

a cozy blanket

For those sweet boys, dads or dude BFF’s

I’m not sure they would like a basket..

So grab a tackle box, a new travel bag or even a organizing tray

(for the top of their dresser to hold all that little “stuff” they need)

toss in their favorite candy

a movie or iTunes gift card

a RED flashlight

or even a pink shirt (I love a man in pink)

The goal is to only buy things we can use..or something we need.

Take a minute to write a personal little will mean the most!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Don’t buy the clutter…I’m watching YOU! *wink*


Tip Tuesday

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Every Tuesday I will be posting a little “tip” to help declutter your life! 


Today’s tip is something very simple and inexpensive to do but absolutely worth it. It is time to purge the wire hangers in your closet!! Does this picture look familiar to you?


We have all been there and it is time to remove the awful wire hangers from our lives for good! Now some might say,  ”why would I want to throw away perfectly good hangers I get for free from the dry cleaners?” Although that is a very valid question, I have created a list of reasons why wire hangers are so 1903. (No really… the first wire hanger was invented in 1903 by Albert J. Parkhouse.)

1. We keep obtaining more and more wire hangers and never purge any of them only to cause more tangled clutter.

2. They cause unsightly arm dimples in the shoulders of your shirts.

3. They are not strong enough to support a heavy coat or pair of jeans without loosing its shape.

4. They will always cut, scratch, snag, or tear you or your clothes every time you try to hang up laundry.

5. They make hanging up laundry more of a nightmare than it already is.


Ok, so now that we have established just how menacing wire hangers are, lets talk about a solution. The cheapest remedy is switching over to plastic hangers. You can buy good plastic hangers by the bundle at your local Walmart, Target, Kmart, or Big Lots stores that are very affordable and come in a variety of colors to choose from. So why switch? What are the benefits? Well here is why…



Remember that pile of messy wire hangers? Those all came from this closet and were replaced by simple, uniformed plastic hangers. Now that you have seen the huge transformation it can make, you have no reason to not make the switch to plastic hangers and purge those unruly wire hangers!!


So now that you have switched over to plastic hangers, what should you do with all those wire hangers? Well here are a few ideas:

- Recycle them back to your local dry cleaners

- Donate them to a consignment shop or local charity consignment sale that uses wire hangers

- Or if you are consignor to sale your kids outgrown clothes at local consignment sales and they require wire hangers (like most do) then find a box and store only as many as you think you will need for the next consignment sale then get rid of the rest.

- Donate them to Goodwill or another charitable organization in your community.


So there you have it… your very first Tip from the Clutter Queen on Tip Tuesday! Don’t forget to share your experiences, before & after photos, and comments below! Be sure to follow me, Amelia “The Clutter Queen”, on Facebook & Instagram for more photos, tips, and tricks!



Multi-Purpose Rooms

A lot of people struggle with keeping a room organized that has to function in multiple ways. I recently helped Bethany gain control of her “art room”. This room had to incorporate a sewing area, office area, painting area, crafting area, and hold all of the supplies for those areas in what most people would use as a guest bedroom. Needless to say, the space was small and so was the closet for storage. Challenge accepted!!


First step was to remove items that did not serve a purpose in the room. In this case we removed all items that did not pertain to sewing, crafting, painting, and office. These items either found another home in the house where they belonged or were put in a trash / donate pile. After everything was separated into different categories, we wiped down all the furniture, vacuumed, and started loading things back in. We used all of the bins, baskets, containers, and bags Bethany already had to organize all of her things so they were easily accessible. Making it easy to find something means it will be just as easy to put it away when you are done. This helps keep her art room always looking neat and organized even when she is in the middle of creating a masterpiece!

This space was overhauled in 3 1/2 hours!! Mission Accomplished!